Bacalaureat 2008 – model de subiect pentru proba orală la limba engleză

Subject 1


Read the text below and state the main idea of the text. Express your opinion about fear.


A phobia may be caused by a traumatic experience, especially one which happened in early childhood. Someone who was locked in a dark cupboard as a punishment, for example, may be very afraid of the dark in the later life, although this irrational fear has its roots in an experience which might now be forgotten.

The subconscious mind remembers these experiences, and the fear remains deep in the subconscious. Perhaps someone who has a phobia about water slipped and fell in the bath as a young child, and nearly drowned. Even if the original reason has not been forgotten it is hard to overcome this kind of fear.

The absolute panic and terror that some people feel when they are on top of a high building might b caused by having fallen as a child, or having been dropped, or simply having been frightened of heights at that age but not having been allowed to admit it – perhaps the parents of the person in question didn’t take him seriously as a child. With the help of a psychiatrist it might be possible to remember the childhood events which caused the trauma, and if the patient can discuss the fear it may be reduced. Many people suffer from a mild form of claustrophobia, and this may have its roots in having been shut in a small space as a young child.


Subject 2


Speak about the things you do to have a healthy life. Give arguments and examples to sustain your ideas.


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